Urinary Tract Obstruction

What is obstructive uropathy?

Obstructive uropathy is when your urine can’t flow (either partially or completely) through your ureter, bladder, or urethra due to some type of obstruction. Instead of flowing from your kidneys to your bladder, urine flows backward, or refluxes, into your kidneys.

The ureters are two tubes that carry urine from each of your kidneys to your bladder. Obstructive uropathy can cause swelling and other damage to one or both of your kidneys.

This condition can affect men and women of any age. It can also be a problem for an unborn child during pregnancy.

Kidney stone treatment in Viman Nagar
Kidney stone treatment in Viman Nagar

Causes of obstructive uropathy

Obstructive uropathy can occur due to a variety of factors. Compression can lead to damage to your kidneys and ureters.

Temporary or permanent blockages in your ureter or urethra, through which urine exits your body, can result from:

  • Injuries such as a pelvic fracture
  • Tumor mass that spreads to your kidneys, bladder, uterus, or colon
  • Diseases of the digestive tract
  • Kidney stones trapped in your ureter
  • Blood clots