Andrology treatment is related to the Male Reproductive System & Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Andrology is a branch of medicine concerned with men’s health, mainly male infertility and sexual dysfunction. It is the male counterpart of gynecology.


What is Andrology?

Andrology also called Male infertility is the medical specialty that specializes in male conceptive health. If you are seeking treatment for male infertility, your physician may refer you to an Andrologist. Male impotence can be a complicated issue and an experienced doctor provides diagnostic testing for men’s reproductive health, which includes semen analysis and advanced sperm testing.

This specialty includes the treatment of physical conditions affecting the genitalia, such as undescended testes, as well as injuries and diseases that can directly affect fertility or sexual function. Health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney failure can all reduce sexual ability, so andrologists work together as caretakers in those fields. They might also reproduce sperm for in-vitro fertilization when the reproductive or sexual capability is impaired, or they execute vasectomies when the reproductive ability is no longer preferred.

What causes male infertility?

Low sperm count is the first reason for male infertility. The second reason for infertility in men includes poor sperm quality. Another cause of male infertility is hypogonadism where the body is incapable to produce sufficient testosterone hormone which plays a key-role during masculine growth & development at puberty. Other causes of infertility are caused by genetic defects, abnormal sperm shape, chemicals & medication factors contributing towards it.
What are the treatments?

Surgery: The root cause of infertility is surgically corrected. If a person has undergone vasectomy it can be reversed.

Treating infections: Antibiotic medication might cure an infection of the reproductive tract but doesn’t always revive fertility.

Treatments for intercourse problems: Medicinal help or counseling can help improve fertility conditions such as erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART): ART treatments include taking sperm through normal ejaculation, surgical extraction, or from individual donors, depending on your case. The sperm is then injected into the female genital tract or it is used to perform In-vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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